A scientist abroad!

My summer lab-mates in the Bal Lab.
My super summer lab-mates in the Bal Lab at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland.

Scientific research is all about hard-working people, working together to solve really important problems! We’ve engaged in a new collaboration with the Bal Lab at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Dr. Haas spent 8 weeks in Warsaw, Poland this summer on a mini research sabbatical! It was a wonderful experience and together we made some important discoveries about extracellular Cu coordination chemistry! Stay tuned and you will find out about our work in the literature soon!

Thank you Ewalina Stefaniak, Karolina Bossak, Ewa, Krzysztof Drabikowski, Marcin Grynberg, Wojtek Bal, Magda Sokołowska, Tomasz Frączyk (all pictured above),  Wojciech Wróblewski, Ola Sparavier, and Dawid Płonka for a wonderful Summer in Warsaw!

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