Bioinorganic Chemistry in 3D!

Thanks to generous funding from Research Corporation for Science Advancement, students got the fun opportunity to dive into biochemistry through project-based learning with 3D printing and molecular animation as the key features!

Students in CHEM 342 (Bioinorganic Chemistry and Material) learned fundamental concepts of inorganic and biological chemistry through a comprehensive project. Each student chose a bioinorganic system to study throughout the semester. Their task: apply fundamental inorganic and biological chemistry concepts to understand how their particular system works… then, teach their classmates and THE WORLD about their topic. Students wrote papers, created 3D print files, and printed their molecules. To top it off, each student created a molecular animation and educational video to teach the chemistry of their molecule. All of these materials will be soon be available YouTube and on LibreText (ChemWiki) so that others have access to these learning resources!

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